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  1. :561281289093775380: FAQ:561281289093775380:
    :561281289093775380: What can you buy for real money on the server?
    :561294422290202644: Pets
    :561294422290202644: Flags
    :561294422290202644: Skins
    (The above things do not affect the gameplay)
    :561281289093775380: How to reset statistics?
    In the game, click on your stats with the cursor and give away again
    :561281289093775380: Max accounts for 1 IP?
    :561281289093775380: Why is the transaction with DUEL open?
    Play with friends for various items in DUEL mode (3 win)
    :561281289093775380: Can you change nickname or character class?
    :561281289093775380: Can the market be used on the site?
    Everything is turned off on the site. Character warp and Clear Inventoryt are enabled
    :561281289093775380: ITEM UPDATE on the website - what is it? You can add options to an item with Goblin Points ( 3 option max) Dont forget to transfer your item to the Web Depo
    :561281289093775380: Which stones have the lowest drop?
    Jevel of Chaos
    :561281289093775380: How to buy skins, flags or pets You can buy WcoinsW on the website. You can buy the above-mentioned items for WcoinsW in the game. WcoinsW can be purchased using PayPal (only)
    :561281289093775380: How to get Goblin Points?
    From various events, exchange system and invasions in the game
    :561281289093775380: What that EXCHANGE SYSTEM? You can exchange Jevels and a Kundun Box for Goblin Points (website)
    :561281289093775380: What that Treasure Chest? A box from which you can win Goblin Points once every 24 hours (website)
  2. :561281289093775380: I have a problem where to report it?
    On the website, after logging in to SUPPORT TICKET (Problems reported elsewhere will not be taken into account)
    :561281289093775380: Can I buy flags with the GILDI logo?
    Yes you can Each guild member will receive the flag. The list of players is provided by the Guild Master. The waiting time for the flag is 7 days The price is set individually
    :561281289093775380: Can I buy an individual flag?
    Yes you can Only one player gets an exclusive flag The waiting time for the flag is 7 days The price is set individually
    :561281289093775380: What can you have on an exclusive flag?
    Anything you want except vulgar content
    :561281289093775380: Can you buy a single skin or a pet?
    No, only FLAGS!
    :561281289093775380: Where can I check the list of spots?
    Press TAB in the game, you will see a map with the locations of spots

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